Marine Field Surveys

Marine Field Surveys


Aquenal’s field survey services are undertaken as independent field assessments, or as ongoing components of environmental monitoring and compliance programs, management strategies and scientific research projects. Aquenal has expertise in survey design and development, carrying out fieldwork that follows robust sampling protocols, and producing high quality scientific reports. Aquenal’s services for marine surveying and monitoring include the following:

Water Quality Monitoring

Aquenal is equipped with specialist gear for routine water sample collection and to measure a range of physico-chemical parameters.

Aquenal undertakes ongoing water quality monitoring throughout Tasmania’s marine and freshwater environments on behalf of various companies and organisations (including industry, government and research institutes).

Aquenal collaborates with NATA accredited laboratories around Australia to undertake analysis of physico-chemical parameters and is recognised by the public health laboratory as a sampler of abalone waste water for biosecurity analysis.

Sediment Sampling

Aquenal has the capability to collect sediment samples either by diver or vessel mounted equipment for a range of sediment analyses purposes. Aquenal’s team are experts in studying sediment health, including the analysis of redox potential, sulphide, particle size, total organic content and also taxonomic identification of benthic communities. See here for more information on our marine taxonomy services.

Reef Monitoring

Aquenal’s team is highly skilled in underwater and reef assessments, with a fully contained dive unit and team of commercially and scientifically trained personnel. Aquenal’s staff have expertise in rapid underwater identification of fishes, invertebrates and algal communities, and use a range of underwater video filming and photographic equipment to complement and enhance the field sampling and analytical components of Aquenal’s services.