Aquenal maintains a range of professional equipment for undertaking both large and small-scale field studies throughout Tasmania and Australia broadly. Aquenal’s specialist equipment is utilised for water quality, sediment and reef sampling, and includes highly specialised commercial vessels and a purpose-built laboratory.

Aquenal uses a number of analytical devices and methods for the following applications:

Water quality monitoring: water quality analysers capable of recording a suite of parameters to 60 m depth, Niskin samplers, integrated phytoplankton samplers, ADCP current meters.

Benthic monitoring: sediment corers (Craib corer, quad corer, spade corer and diver-operated corer), Van Veen benthic grab and epibenthic sled samplers.

Laboratory: sediment analysis including redox potential, sulphide, particle size, total organic content. Biological analyses including marine benthic fauna, freshwater macroinvertebrates, chlorophyll. Aquenal’s laboratory is equipped for specimen processing, preservation and storage, and houses a reference collection of >3000 marine, estuarine and freshwater species.

Ecosystem surveying: scientific dive unit team and SCUBA equipment, along with a range of underwater filming apparatuses (BRUV, ROV, towed video, diver operated).

Aquenal’s capabilities are utilised and tailored to suit each client’s project requirements. Aquenal consistently achieves a very high standard of quality assurance in every project undertaken.