Working with the aquaculture industry for 25 years

Aquenal provides a range of specialised high-quality consulting services to marine farming operators and regulatory bodies. Aquenal’s comprehensive service covers all realms of aquaculture environmental analysis and management, with expertise in:

Aquenal has provided aquaculture consulting services throughout Australia, and has played a particularly important role in environmental monitoring of the salmon industry in Tasmania. Aquenal has conducted more than sixty Baseline Environmental Assessments (required for marine farming licences) in all marine farming development regions of Tasmania.

Aquenal has demonstrated reliability and expertise in delivering long-term monitoring projects that are spatially extensive, high resolution and over long timeframes. As an example, Aquenal has conducted the ongoing Broadscale Environmental Monitoring Program (BEMP) since 2009 on behalf of the Tasmanian Salmonid Growers Association (TSGA). The BEMP program collects data on sediment health and water quality at a range of sites spread throughout the Huon and D’Entrecasteaux Channel, allowing potential broad scale changes to be detected.

By working successfully with public and private sectors and organisations, Aquenal is experienced in helping clients navigate regulatory requirements and achieve accreditation in the aquaculture industry.