All staff


Prof. Graham Edgar [B.Sc. Sydney University 1976; B.Sc Hons. 1st Class, University of Tasmania 1977; Ph.D. University of Tasmania, 1983] 

Graham is Aquenal’s principal expert on marine ecosystems and benthic ecology. He has written over 50 major publications, including two definitive books: ‘Australian Marine Habitats’, which describes ecological processes and habitats; and ‘Australian Marine Life’, which describes and illustrates over 1400 species of marine life found in Australia’s temperate waters.
Graham provides input to the designs, statistical analyses and interpretive components of Aquenal’s study programs and oversees taxonomic identification. His particular interest lies in the study of marine biodiversity and conservation.




Dr Joe Valentine [B.Sc. Hons. 1st Class, University of Tasmania 1996; Ph.D. (Marine Ecology) University of Tasmania 2003; ADAS Part 2 Diver (Restricted)]
Joe has expertise in a wide range of marine research and environmental management research fields, principally in the areas of marine pest research and rocky reef ecology. He is highly experienced in experimental design, field sampling and project management. Joe’s role at Aquenal is to enhance the linkages and understanding between the marine pest and biodiversity research programs.






Colleen Morris is Aquenal’s Financial and Business Manager. She has been with the company  since 2000.  Colleen has an extensive background in personal and business banking both in Tasmania and mainland Australia. She has held a license in financial planning and conducted financial workshops for government departments and private groups.

Over the past 25 years Colleen has worked with small businesses over the past 10 years as a consultant reviewing business and financial practices. She is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and implements the skills and strategies of corporate governance in the Aquenal business plan.






Jeremy Lane [B.Sc. (Zoology) University of Tasmania, 2002; ADAS Part 2 Diver (Restricted)]

Jeremy has a strong background in scientific diving, field logistics, identification of marine flora and fauna, and the operation and maintenance of work vessels and field equipment. Jeremy is Aquenal’s Dive and Field Officer and is responsible for coordinating and overseeing dive surveys and other field operations. He is expert at GPS navigation, generation of GIS maps and analysis of underwater imagery. Jeremy is also Aquenal’s Occupational Health and Safety Officer.






Adam Davey [B.Sc. Hons. 1st Class (Marine Ecology) University of New England, 1998; Ph.D. in Estuarine Ecology, University of New England 2005 – ongoing]


 Adam is highly experienced in the sampling, sorting and identification of macro-invertebrates and interpretation of human impacts on aquatic communities. Adam leads Aquenal’s marine taxonomy team, performs the majority of our invertebrate identification and plays a pivotal role in statistical analysis of impact and biodiversity assessments.