In a project partially funded by the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country (CfoC) initiative, Aquenal has developed an assessment framework which reports on foreshore condition, risk, and values. The framework compiles existing data and information relating to coastal ecosystems and human uses into readily understood maps and report cards. The ShoreBase framework has been applied to the North and Cradle Coast NRM Regions of Tasmania and is the extension of a similar assessment completed by Aquenal in 2008 for Tasmania’s Southern NRM Region (commissioned by NRM South).

This integrated approach can help improve our understanding of the interactions between humans and the coastal environment, whilst providing a basis for ecologically sensitive planning and management. It can also provide a baseline against which change can be monitored over time and can be applied on a number of geographic scales and management levels.

ShoreBase output is available in two formats – report cards and GIS maps and associated datasets. Simplified GIS maps depicting natural and human use values, and risk with regard to a series of environmental stressors are publicly available on the Land Information System Tasmania (LIST) website ( More detailed GIS files and report cards are available from the Tasmanian State Government NRM Data Library (


Click on the link below to open the Final Report relating to this project.

If you would like to view the Training Guide associated with the Shorebase dataset, please click on the link below.