IMProtector - biofouling treatment technology

IMProtector™ – research and development for a vessel biofouling decontamination tool

The risk associated with the translocation of marine pests via vessel biofouling has been identified as a major issue in Australia, with mandatory requirements currently being developed by the Commonwealth Government to manage the risk posed by international vessels. Certain State and Territory governments already have legislative powers to manage the risks of marine pest introductions via vessel biofouling.

Aquenal recognised that, despite the growing concerns and legislative controls regarding risks of marine pests via biofouling, there are few practical tools available to assist with their management. We therefore instigated a project to develop a tool called IMProtector™ (Introduced Marine Pest Protector) and treatment technologies which can kill biofouling simply, quickly, cheaply and safely while the vessel remains in the water. We have prototypes currently being used around Australia, and aim to receive endorsement as a national quarantine approved treatment for vessels and maritime infrastructure once IMProtector has been fully tested and engineered.

IMProtector - biofouling treatment technologyIMProtector - biofouling treatment technologyIMProtector - biofouling treatment technology