Marine Field Surveys and Monitoring Programs

Aquenal has expertise in a diverse range of field surveying and monitoring techniques applicable to fish, invertebrate, aquatic flora, shorebird, and plankton communities, in addition to water and sediment parameters. Our field studies routinely provide information on ecological values, baseline environmental health, species distributions and densities, community composition, compliance with performance indicators and regulatory trigger values, and assessments of impact using robust statistical monitoring designs. Our techniques are applied to environmental impact assessments, baseline surveys and monitoring programs, environmental research projects, mapping studies and visual inspections and searches. …Further information

Marine Field Surveys and Monitoring ProgramsMarine Field Surveys and Monitoring ProgramsMarine Field Surveys and Monitoring Programs

Further Information

Aquenal provides services for surveying ecological communities and environmental parameters, including:

  • fish
  • benthic invertebrates
  • zooplankton and phytoplankton
  • macroalgae and benthic microalgae
  • seagrasses
  • mangroves
  • shorebirds
  • sediment and water quality
  • habitat characteristics

Our methods include a range of remote and diver survey techniques (see Underwater Filming and Analysis), whilst our Benthic Ecology Laboratory provides a professional service for the taxonomic and physico-chemical analysis of benthic samples.

Aquenal’s field studies are primarily conducted to assess the following:

  • ecological values, including distribution and abundance of threatened species
  • baseline ecological health using biological indices
  • habitat types and distribution
  • species distributions and abundances
  • community composition and quantitative biodiversity indices
  • presence and population characteristics of introduced species
  • physico-chemical conditions and environmental health
  • visual disturbance indicators
  • compliance with performance indicators and environmental trigger values
  • detection of impact in accordance with appropriate statistical monitoring designs and power analyses

Our field surveys and monitoring programs have broad applications, including:

  • environmental risk and impact assessments
  • aquaculture environmental monitoring
  • marine park baseline and monitoring surveys
  • marine pest detection and monitoring
  • threatened species monitoring programs
  • other baseline surveys and compliance monitoring programs
  • biofouling assessments
  • environmental research projects
  • marine and coastal mapping
  • environmental management strategies
  • underwater visual inspections and searches