Environmental Impact and Risk Assessments

Aquenal offers a comprehensive service for environmental impact and risk assessments in marine, estuarine and coastal habitats, and conducts assessments for a wide range of developments and activities, such as dredging and port developments, marinas, offshore exploration and production activities, effluent outfalls, infrastructure projects and aquaculture proposals. Our services incorporate background reviews, specialist marine field studies, identification of key environmental issues, application of risk matrices, impact assessment, identification of mitigation measures and preparation of management plans to address marine environmental concerns. …Further information

Environmental Impact and Risk AssessmentsEnvironmental Impact and Risk AssessmentsEnvironmental Impact and Risk Assessments

Further Information

Aquenal offers environmental impact and risk assessment services for a wide range of developments, activities and incidents, including:

  • Tourism developments
  • Dredging and reclamation projects
  • Wharves and other port facility developments
  • Marinas, jetties and foreshore promenades
  • Paper and pulp mills
  • Bridges and roads
  • Mining and offshore exploration and production sites
  • Effluent outfalls and thermal discharges
  • Offshore and onshore pipelines and cable installations
  • Marine infrastructure relocation activities
  • Aquaculture proposals
  • Multi-use strategic land developments
  • Oil spills
  • Development of regional marine plans

Our services for impact and risk assessments include the following components:

  • Identification of relevant International, Commonwealth, State and Local Government agreements and legislation
  • Database and literature searches to identify sites, habitats, communities and species of significance within the study region
  • Specialist marine field surveys of ecological and physico-chemical parameters to address information gaps on the existing environment
  • Assessments of Benthic Primary Producer Habitat (BPPH) and other indicators as required by regulatory authorities
  • Laboratory and statistical analysis of data to establish baseline conditions and environmental health
  • Use of the above information to identify key environmental issues for the project
  • Risk matrices to identify level and severity of risk for each issue identified
  • Assessment of environmental impacts
  • Recommendations on measures to mitigate impacts
  • Design of monitoring programs
  • Environmental management plans relating to threatened species, marine pest management, oil spill and waste management, and other marine environmental issues.

Aquenal performs all of the above steps in the assessment process, or performs specialist marine environmental field and desktop studies to provide input for impact assessments being performed by other organisations where requested.