Coastal Erosion and Beach Nourishment - Ecology

Erosion of coastal areas either through natural or human induced processes is becoming an increasing problem for many local councils in Australia. The threat to public and private assets in beach and estuarine environments often requires the implementation of major engineering solutions such as beach nourishment. Beach nourishment involves the repeated movement of sand either by scraping or pumping for the protection or recovery of sensitive coastal areas. As well as the protection of assets many groups are now considering the ecological impacts of such works, which are associated with the site of the sand source and the location where the replenishment occurs. Aquenal offers a comprehensive service for monitoring the ecological impacts of coastal erosion and beach nourishment programs. Additional we provide advice and assist in developing strategies to minimise ecological impacts while still achieving the desired protection of coastal assets.


Our services in this field include the following components:

  • Determining sensitive habitats, and creating suitable buffer zones
  • Surveys for threatened species
  • Mapping of near shore areas  
  • Beach and estuarine macrofaunal studies
  • Particle size studies
  • Beach profile studies
  • Literature Reviews