Coastal and Marine GIS Mapping

Aquenal offers a range of services for the accurate GIS mapping of marine, estuarine and coastal habitats and environmental indicators. Our capabilities in mapping foreshore through to offshore marine habitats enable us to bridge a gap between traditionally segregated mapping systems and address the needs of multi-faceted environmental projects that incorporate both terrestrial and marine components. Our capabilities include mapping of habitats, sediment types, tidal exposure levels, biological communities, species distributions, population characteristics, and environmental management indices. …Further information

Coastal and Marine GIS MappingCoastal and Marine GIS MappingCoastal and Marine GIS Mapping

Further Information

Aquenal’s services in the field of GIS mapping of marine and coastal habitats include:

  • Use of a Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) to produce maps accurate to 2 m
  • Habitat mapping using digitised aerial photographs and other images, bathymetry and bottom hardness sensing echo soundings
  • Ground truthing surveys to confirm and fine tune habitat boundaries using Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), drop camera or diver surveys, as well as benthic sampling to conduct detailed characterisation of sediment and community types
  • Mapping of biological communities, such as mangroves, seagrass and algal beds, rocky reef and coral communities, and wading bird populations
  • Mapping of species distributions and population characteristics using standardised field data
  • Detailed characterisation and mapping of a range of hard and soft sediment substrata categories in intertidal and subtidal environments
  • Tidal mapping using a pressure logger to investigate exposure times for intertidal habitats
  • Integration of a diverse range of datasets for the development and mapping of indices of natural and human use values, pressures, condition and vulnerability in the coastal environment
  • Generation of habitat maps using the software packages ®Mapinfo Professional and ®Manifold System
  • Preparation of mapping layers for pre-existing regulatory and research GIS mapping systems or in other required formats