Benthic Ecology Laboratory

One aspect that differentiates Aquenal from many other environmental consultancies is our professional benthic analysis service. Aquenal has a fully equipped benthic laboratory for the processing, sorting, identification, preservation, and archiving of benthic infauna and other biological samples. Laboratory services are supported by a reference collection exceeding 3000 species, an interactive distributional and photographic database, and additional analytical equipment for the processing of physico-chemical parameters in sediment samples. Our staff have expertise in the taxonomy of all major marine animal and plant groups (including introduced marine pest species) and have well established networks with other specialist taxonomists around Australia. …Further information

Bethic Ecology LaboratoryBethic Ecology LaboratoryBethic Ecology Laboratory

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Biological Analysis

Aquenal’s benthic laboratory provides dissecting microscopes equipped with digital cameras, and houses a comprehensive biological reference collection of over 3000 marine and estuarine species. All data held by Aquenal are compiled within our biodiversity database, which is supplemented by a photographic library of biological specimens to provide a valuable information resource on species identification and distribution. The development of in-house taxonomic expertise and the continuous updating of photographic and distributional databases are core components of Aquenal’s business.

Our staff have expertise in the taxonomy of all major Australian marine fish, invertebrate and plant groups, and include specialists with taxonomic knowledge of fishes, crustaceans, ascidians, sponges and other marine invertebrates. We also routinely collaborate with taxonomic specialists at state museums, CSIRO, universities and other private consultancies to coordinate the identification of diverse biological collections from tropical through to temperate study areas. Our laboratory primarily processes samples collected during our field studies, but we are also able to provide a benthic identification service to facilitate the rapid processing of samples collected by other organisations.

Sediment Analysis

Our benthic laboratory houses additional analytical equipment for the processing of sediment samples, with redox potential, sulphide concentration, organic content and particle size distribution routinely analysed using appropriate meters, probes and other equipment. For analysis of additional sediment and water quality parameters, we collaborate with NATA accredited laboratories around Australia.